SPACEY came about after a hardcore addiction to beautiful kids spaces kept getting thwarted by the fact that kids have a lot of STUFF.  All those drool-worthy beautiful playrooms and bedrooms that we would kill to have for our kids often just had a couple of bespoke handmade toys, an ironed-smooth duvet cover and a beautiful print on the wall. So where were all the things that kids have? The dress up box? The pile of favourite reading books? The stuffed toys… oh the stuffed toys! The secret stash of art and craft off-cuts? We won’t even start on the clothes that must be worn for no longer than 3 hours - still working on that one.

 So we began to think about ways that we could get a little more practicality, storage and order into our kids’ lives, with a few gorgeous design pieces thrown in.

 Together we have backgrounds in design (Tania) and branding and print (Sally). Living in a rural valley in the Waitakere Ranges in Auckland it didn’t take long to come together and realise we both wanted to get our teeth into something we felt really strongly about. Meetings are often held at night after both lots of kids have gone to bed, and we’ve walked quite a track through the bush to each other’s houses clutching laptops (we did say rural!), and we couldn’t be more fired up about all our plans finally getting there!

 We are full to the brim with ideas but it’s our goal to only bring you the very best, so we hope you’ll bear with us and keep checking back for exciting new things to help your little ones not only love to play in their space, but keep it tidy too!