Congrats on getting through the holidays woohoo! Team SPACEY xx We made it through the holidays! We hope you've had a great "break" and are gearing up for a new school term. Team SPACEY xx




Spring is here and I’ve been itching to do a bit of a refresh in my daughter’s room. She’s had the same wallpaper feature wall since she was a baby, and now she’s seven. I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready to lose it (it’s beautiful and not at all baby-ish), but she seems keen for a change. So this weekend we are going to have a BIG clear out of her books and toys and then work out what we can do with her space. If you’re keen on a room refresh for your little one (or maybe they’re not so little any more!), here are a few tips and ideas for ways to nail it for every budget:


Rearrange the furniture! Nothing like changing up the position of the bed… you might even find after that toy cull you’ll have more space!

Find an old pot and raid the garden or take cuttings from your other houseplants. A Pink Quill or many other bromeliad varieties work super well for a child's room, and are tough to kill!


Change out a couple of key pieces of artwork - reuse the frames if you can. My daughter has been eyeing up our delicious Kreativitum range in pink.

Create a new corner chill out/reading zone with a cozy throw and a couple of cushions. Or you could add mosquito net or canopy.

Create some more floor space by adding a couple of wall mounted shelves for favourite/most-read books or special artwork from school. To keep clean lines try an acrylic shelf that blends into the wall. 

exclusive kreativitum posters


Change the flooring - we have very old 80s beige carpet and it’s the only thing I really don’t like in my daughter’s room - re-carpeting the house is a much bigger task. But with a decent size rug the whole space feels different! It doesn’t have to fit wall to wall, as long as it covers a chunk of the old flooring it’ll give the whole space a new feel.

New bedding. Nothing says room refresh like a new duvet cover! We stock a beautiful range of gorgeous 100% cotton New Zealand made duvet covers by Henry & Co. It feels SO delicious on the bed and will last the distance. Change it up with different colour cushions to match your decor.

Update the walls: Repaint or wallpaper - if you want to really change things up then go for a totally different colour palette. There are so many beautiful wallpapers around now to choose from too!

A new bedhead can also totally transform a room. We are seriously in love with our rattan bedheads in white or natural, available in King Single.

Happy Spring from TEAM SPACEY! xx