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It can feel like a mini (or sometimes category 5) hurricane is following your kid around. Once they leave toddler-dom behind them we’d love it if they could just start being a bit more proactive and picking up after themselves. But not many 4 year olds would be great at vacuuming their rooms for example, and so you need to try and give them responsibilities they can handle without being too overwhelmed

The 3 minute dance party is a great idea for getting as many things tidied up as possible. Here are a few more ideas for making tidying fun:

Let them ring a bell or push a buzzer when they finish a task. Put a timer on and see if they can tidy up one corner before the alarm goes off.

Build a pyramid by stacking board games from largest to smallest, or largest books to smallest.

Baskets or storage bags are your friend! See how many points your child can score by throwing their soft toys into the soft toy storage bag.

Your kids might not get it exactly right and put everything away where it should go, but make sure you praise them when they give it their best shot. Sticker charts specifically for bedrooms are great too.

For older kids - 10+, tweens, teens:  If their room gets too out of hand and your child is clearly thinking they’ll never be able to sort it out so why start - still break it down for them!  Give them a bag for rubbish first and have them just focus on that. Then have them sort books, then shoes, then games, then clothes. And you know what? It doesn’t have to happen all in one huge session. If their room is crazy messy just focus on rubbish and books on one day, and  the rest the next day. Don’t discount a rewards chart for older kids either - maybe they get to buy a song from iTunes if they get it done, or get to stay up an extra 15 mins up that night. Maybe they get a night off doing the dishes! Tailor it for your kid.

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